Eye Fashion

A few months ago, I’ve been scouting for cheap frames so that I could wear eyeglasses again. I had been hopping from one optical shop to the other but I find the stuffs they’re selling very expensive. I do not want to buy designer frames at this point of my life because my kids will just destroy them and so my money will go down the drain. I want to be practical so I think those cheap frames from Zenni Optical will do the work. I will be able to see clearly for less. And as the New York Times had said, they have frames for only $8. Now that’s a good bargain, I have to say. And if my kids will break my glasses, (just like what they did to my other eyeglasses and sunglasses) I won’t have to cry my heart out of regret because I can buy two pairs of eyeglasses from Zenni Optical and reserve one as a back up in case the kids will ransack my bag and destroy the other one.

So anyway, I went to Zenni’s online site and started online window shopping and found lots of frames that fits my personality. The one in picture is one of them.