Positive Reinforcement

As a preschool teacher, I have to give the kids positive reinforcements from time to time. Positive reinforcements are in form of rewards which will motivate the learners to do well in whatever they do. Rewards must be given immediately or the learner will not think of it as such. Same thing goes to giving punishment for untoward behavior, it must be dealt with right away or the essence of punishing the learner will not be anymore felt so there will be no presence of remorse or regret. So as a teacher, you should be prepared with the rewards you'll be giving your pupils. Rewards though are not necessarily physical stuffs. Positive reinforcements may be in form of food treats, praise, patting the back or making them play their favorite game.

Anyway, I was online shopping again as part of my preparation for the incoming school year and God knows I want to buy all of these but I was short of funds. I bought a date stamper and four pieces of wooden stamps to aid in giving positive reinforcement to my pupils. However, I can't get enough and I want to buy these stuffs! I was actually wooing my friends to buy me these "for the sake of the poor Filipino children's" motivation to endure a good education and a good friend of mine promised to buy me rubber stamps at WH Smith this afternoon but the items will be shipped by July (hey I'm not complaining, that's only after a month of formal class sessions). By the way, these are my wishlist for the upcoming school year.

48 piece ink pads for rubber stamping and embossing.
The item can be found here.
I'd like to have this one because I am sure that the kids will have lots of fun making cards and other trinkets using these ink pads.

Shiny DIY Rubber Address Stamp
This item can be found here.
This is good for office purposes or in creating your name and stamp it out to the report cards, ID's, time card and even test papers wherein you'll need to sign your name above the word "Class Adviser". I have to say that the school where I'm working in is a little bit below the poverty line so we do not have enough support from the government. The budget given to our school isn't enough and it's a shame to say that we don't even have a computer in school so everything's done in handwritten form. Yes, it's still ice age for us.

Boxed Set of 38 Mini Rubber Stamps on Wood Craft
The item can be located here.
I know that you will agree with me when I say that it's nice to see remarks on the test papers but it is much nicer if the remarks are given in an artistic way. I know I have to have these!

I have seen a lot of rubber stamps while I was online window shopping but so far these three are the ones I need for they tickle my fancy. Gifts, donations and alms are welcome and I am not kidding. LOL. As I tell my friends, do this for the sake of my poor pupils. They're only 5 year olds and they deserve the best experience in school not to mention that this will be their first time to engage in school activities. If you wish to donate anything, books, flashcards, etc., leave a comment or email me.


☆Willa☆ said...

you are such an eBay addict!!!!! lol!

Sandy said...

Drawing a happy face on a paper can work just as well and is certainly cheaper.

Have several large poster boards with various positive sayings/pictures. Make a removal name tag for each child in your class. Say the board is waiting one's turn. Kuddo's those student waiting their turn today. Attach the name tags of the student accomplishing that task. Thats positive re-enforcement. The name plate can be used over and over and thus is affordable, likewise the poster board can be used again and again. Each poster board could have 2 positive things on it, one per side. Tuesday flip it over to those children who clean up after themselves...add names as the day progresses, Wed use a 2nd board, flip it over for Thursday, Friday a new board, flip it over for the next Monday and so forth. Make up 10 or 20 things that are important class room rules you want to foster and reinforce.

To attach your name boards, perhaps that white sticky re-usuable stuff that looks like puddy, or maybe small pieces of velgrow that again are re-useable.

Good luck
welcome mats out, hope you'll swing by for a visit