Home Theater Rocks!

Hello hello! I know I have been somewhat neglecting this blog but I have a very good excuse to which I am going to explain on my other and more personal blog. So anyway, classes are suspended today because the teachers and parents had a protest parade against bombing and kidnapping in our city. It was my first time to be actually involved in parades as a teacher and I find it somehow good that I, at least, am joining their march for a cause. Besides, who wants violence to happen anyway?

After the parade, I had a brunch at McDonald’s and ordered 2 spaghetti happy meals because I and my kids are collecting the entire Ice Age toy that comes with a happy meal. So far, we already have 6 toys and we are only 2 toys short so we’ll be able to complete the whole set. And then after that, I paid a visit to my aunt whom I haven’t seen for more than a week and noticed that their home theater system had already been fixed because two weeks ago, my aunt’s plasma television had a circuit malfunction so it needed a repair. Luckily, it still has its warranty so they didn't have to pay for anything.

Home theaters are so cool and if you are somewhere near San Diego (like a cousin of mine), I suggest that you check out this Home Theater San Diego site that could give and assist you with the best home theater installation in the county.