Online Scholarships

A couple of weeks ago, I got a news that our masters degree scholarship will have to be put on hold because the government's budget four our studies has been cut to prioritize a different program. It is such a sad fate because I have been preparing for this opportunity since last year. At times like this unfortunate incident, one must have a back up plan in mind so you really have to plan ahead.

Luckily, there are scholarships online that one can grab. All you have to do is to decide which career you plan to pursue, compose an honest and impressive resume, and enhance your self confidence by constant practice in answering interview questions. If you are into business and entrepreneurial type of career inclination, there's KFC Colonel's Scholarship Program to help you pay your tuition fees, books and other allowances. But you must have an average of 2.75 GPA in high school in order to qualify.

A lot of scholarship institutions are out there like the Davidson Fellows Scholarships who gives chances to those who are into music, math, arts and philosophy, or the Jo Francis Haircare Scholarship that helps those who ware into cosmetology or salon business. You just have to submit your application along with your short essay and wait for amazing things to happen.
What I like in scholarship programs is their virtue to help others in need. But of course, helping one person is not enough, the one who is being helped should also help himself in order to be successful.


Happy Easter!

Could life so end, half told; its school so fail?
Soul, soul, there is a sequel to thy tale!
~Robert Mowry Bell


Benefits of Being in an Online University

Tired of going to school and sitting in a classroom to listen to your professor all day? Online degree must be the thing for you! Online education provides learning at your own pace. It is beneficial to busy people who can only squeeze in a minimum time at an unconventional time frame in studying. Earning an online degree results to possible salary increase or even a promotion.

There are various of courses you can take online. Like for example, you can develop an understanding on financial management and analysis by taking an online financial degree. this way, you can learn how to interpret financial statements or make use of the computer in balancing spreadsheets.

You can even upgrade your Nursing degree by taking an online msn program which can help you develop an advance nursing care and practice. The nursing profession is very high in demand worldwide and taking the course will give you an edge from everyone else.

If you are an aspiring businessman and would want to be a big shot tycoon in the future, then taking the six sigma training online will help you in making your business profitable in the market. Taking the course will benefit you in planning, structuring and analyzing you company's profile and biometrics. Six Sigma professionals tend to be more desirable by current and future employers. Taking the course will help you increase your worth in the marketplace because you are equipped by the essentials in being a leader in your profession.

It has been said that learning is a continuous process and taking an online course is one way of enhancing oneself mentally, spiritually and physically.

Look at Me - Judy Pancoast

This song has been our moving up song for two consecutive years now. The lyrics are catchy and the beat is jolly - every kid loves it! Click on the link to listen to the song of Judy Pancoast.

Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2003

Look at me, look at me!
I’m doing something that I want you to see;
Put down the paper, put down the mop.
I’m growing up and I’m not gonna stop!
So look, look at me, look at me now!

Are you really too busy to look my way?
I want to show you what I learned today
Give me your time, just a little while,
I promise I will make you smile!

You know, I want to make you proud
I want to hear you shout out loud
You’re gonna be amazed,
Showing off, I need your praise, so

(Here you should say what you can do! And then say “Look at me!”)



Moving Out, Moving In

Things are getting hectic once again since the end of the month is nearing. I conduct homeroom PTA meeting every month as much as possible so that I can update the parents about their child's progress. Conducting meetings has helped me with my teaching strategy since I get to hear suggestions from parents or they share me inspiring stories about the progress of their kids which really boosts my morale as an educator. So anyway, why don't we talk about life and other people for now and move on from this school thing? Hehe.

My cousin and his family arrived from US two days ago because they wanted to spend their Christmas here. Christmas in the Philippines is the best! but on the contrary, spending Christmas with your family will always be great no matter where you spend it. So anyway, I talked to my cousin yesterday and asked him to buy me a mac book to which of course he groaned an bailed out so I asked him to buy me a Krispy Kreme instead. LOL. As we were talking, he mentioned that they went to Florida for a week-long vacation and they loved it there. They wanted to move there from California but they will have to wait until their child, my nephew, turns 2 years old. I gave him my uhmms and uh-huhs for a few minutes while hearing his plans and then I chattered away after he talked.

Moving to a place from another is not easy especially when you have kids because you have to take a lot of considerations like the environment you'll be dealing with, the school your child will be going to, the neighborhood, not to mention the cost of buying a new house and moving your furniture from one place to another. And my cousin's moving from one State to another, now that's costly! You have to apply for everything and everything will feel like doing things over and over again after you have settled securely. Now I am not telling you all to not move on especially when the move is for the best of everyone in the family but as I have said, there are a lot of considerations to take like for example, scouting for a reputable school or applying for a cable television provider again. Well of course you don't have to do the latter when you have direct tv. That's what direct tv is for anyway, you can move from a city to another without having to think of your cable provider since you already have direct tv and you can get the local channels in high definition. You can order your pay-per-view too if you want. And with direct tv, you can move from California to Florida without worries. You don't even have to worry about cable wires tripping because with direct tv, you can watch your favorite NFL game or a Desperate Housewives episode when they're shown even when the tree fell and toppled down the cable wires. But of course, you still can't watch when there is a blackout and you don't have a generator. Haha!


Teaching is Love

I am currently here in the classroom, teaching the kids how to read. As I sit down here waiting for the kids to finish copying the activity on the board, I look back on the past months when these kids do not even know how to write. Looking at them now is such a fulfilment. These children have grown fast and they have learned a lot. They have been with me for what, 4 or 5 months, and now they can write very fast. Some are still lagging but many of them have greatly improved. The scene I am looking at now is very inspiring.

A friend of mine had said that teaching is fitted for those people who are attention seekers. Well that is partly true but on the contrary, I teach these kids because I want them to be the stars of the school. I teach them poems, songs and dances that they could perform in front of a large audience. I teach them to be “attention seekers” without them knowing it. These kids love to perform and I have told them that being shy is not an option. It was a good strategy in a way because it made the kids confident in what they do. I let them play whenever they want as long as they perform whenever I want. That’s a fair enough deal if I may say.

However, you cannot call it teaching preschool when you do not encounter tantrums. Whenever I get irritated when a child throws a fit, I leave him be. Most of the time, a hug will do the trick. A hug gives a child a sense o of security and I love giving hugs as much as I love being hugged. Well anyway, a child is synonymous to the word tantrum, that’s what I conditioned my mind so that I won’t be surprised and get frustrated whenever I encounter one.

Teaching is love. It is fun and fulfilling. Sometimes, it doesn’t even feel like a job. And I hope that many will be inspired to teach and actually teach children especially those who are living in impoverished areas.


Algebra Help

Hello! I know I have been slacking so much lately that I feel like I don't belong in the blogging community anymore. Well anyway, HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you all! I was out of town and I just arrived last night. We arrived late because I accompanied my nephew and niece trick or treating and I was happy that I got to share their goodies too. We have a week break from school so I get to party out all of my free days, which is good for my social life by the way.

I am also taking my job as a teacher seriously but I always have this problem of teaching math to my pupils. I am still grasping for a specific technique in order to make the kids love the subject. I remember when I was in elementary that I had this math teacher who gave me a traumatic experience by shouting at me in front of the class by giving out incorrect math answers while answering the board work. From then on, I had trouble with the subject. I kind of hated the subject especially when we went to those math problems. However, things became different when I was introduced to Algebra because even though I was not the best in class with that subject, I was definitely having fun solving them. I was lucky I didn't need Algebra help because I think I was pretty good at it.

But if you're one of those who are having trouble with Algebra and you think that you need help with Algebra tutoring, then you can head on to Tutor Vista for some guidance with Algebra 2 help, and even math word problems (which I do not like by the way, even if I love Algebra, I still have an odd thing for word problems). Tutor Vista is the leading online tutoring in the world and students can avail of their services whenever they want because they are open to serve you 24/7. They also provide free demo for first time users so if you're having problems with Math, Tutor Vista can surely help you.


Greetings from Me


Because Time Is Gold

I have a thing for wristwatches and in particular, I like those big chunky ones and of course, those with diamond studs. Sometimes I go and search online for lovely pieces to ogle but I was always hesitant to buy online fearing that those for sale are just knock offs. Fortunately, I found this site called www.bestoftime.com which offers genuine Rolex watches at very affordable prices. Some watches are pre owned but are definitely in good condition.

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Stick Figures

Colored or plain popsicle sticks

Distribute about a dozen of popsicle sticks to each child.
Have the children arrange the popsicle sticks in interesting patterns on a sheet of paper.

Popsicle sticks may be changed to toothpicks.

Develop fine motor coordination.